September 12, 2012

Quick change trousers for fall

Fall is supposedly upon us, it's September and all you know. The weather lately has not been anything besides summer here though, mostly in the 80's, but a new fall wardrobe will be needed soon enough. So, to prepare, I have been thinking of clothes for cooler weather, and my go to pants pattern for a toddler. This pattern is the quick change trouser pattern from this book. This is the second pair that I have made, the first I used flannel to line the inside{so soft and warm}, but seeing as it's not winter yet, I decided to use quilting cotton for this pair. I'm sure I will make more this winter lined with flannel. Anyways, this pair is the 24 month size, and fits well over my 22 month old, who wears cloth diapers. The purple and green fabrics were on clearance at Joann's for $6 a yard, the white/green/black dots are an Amy Butler print that I have half a bolt of {I'm a fabric hoarder, I should go to meetings or something}and the yellow is a Heather Bailey Print.  This pair only took me about an hour start to finish, and I even read and followed all the precise directions {which I don't always do. Am I the only one who skims the pictures for directions?} This is a great tutorial,  if you need more room in the back for cloth diapers. For us, making the next size up has done the trick, but if you think you may need a little more room, it's an easy fix. For us, we are also starting potty learning, so soon the fluffy butt will be replaced by undies.

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