June 29, 2013

A day at Grandma's farm// A month later

 Meet fuzzy, the cat

 Recycled wood for a shade for the lettuce

June 11, 2013

Summer sewing

It's hard to stay focused on sewing when summer is here. {We live in Ohio, where it's really just late spring. But, don't ruin it for me, it's summer dang it!}I did manage to get some sewing in the other day, and here's what I have to show for it. 

This skirt. I love it, but it's a huge sewing fail. Good thing she runs so you can't see all the flaws. It was supposed to be this dress, but I totally messed up the last ruffle that was gathered and sewn in the wrong spot, and I had absolutely no desire to seam rip. Therefore we have a flowing prairie skirt, that is wonky and uneven at the top. Oh well, she doesn't mind one bit!

This dress was of my own design, but something along the same lines as the same tutorial from above, but no ruffles to mess up. 

Bicycle and dirt approved!

June 5, 2013

Strawberry Picking // Mitchell's berries

We went strawberry picking at a local u-pick berry farm this morning, with our friends. We really enjoyed this low key place, 20 minutes from home. There were lots of other families there plucking the ruby harvest too, but not too many to make it seem busy, or too over picked. It was a bit muddy, so if you are considering going, wear shoes for the occasion. At $2.05/lb., the price was very reasonable for the quality of the berries. I'm unsure of their spray practices, but the rows were covered in black plastic for weed control. In the future we will remember to take our own containers. I believe they take a tare of your container before picking to determine the precise berry weight. They also have picnic tables and a swing, so you can stay for awhile and enjoy yourself.

9331 Mitchell-Dewitt Rd.
Plain City, Ohio 43064
 M-Sat 8:30-1pm or as berries available

June 4, 2013

Homemade peach frozen yogurt

I now own a fancy Vitamix, It's magical. I have this one. Don't worry, I got it at costco, so it wasn't quite that expensive ;). Anyways, back to the magic, being it summer-like in Ohio, my mind wonders to ice cream most days. After doing a few pinterest seaches, I discovered this magical contraption can also make ice cream. Now, we're talking. So, I tried a few with meh {yes, that's the scientific term for so-so}results. So today at the store, while searching the frozen foods, I stumbled upon the frozen peaches, EUREKA. So in a not so scientific way, here's the recipe.

Frozen Peach Yogurt

  • 1 bag of frozen peaches
  • a couple three heaping tablespoons of unsweetened greek yogurt, somewhere around a cup maybe ;) (I used this one, also from costco :))
  • About a 5 count pour of pure maple syrup, you really can't have too much of this stuff, just trust your gut. (If you don't have a trustworthy gut, I would guess 1/2 cup would do.)
Blend the crap out of it until it's creamy and smooth like ice cream. Bam.  Pull up a spoon, and enjoy.

If you don't have a vitamix, you can try a blender, or a food processor, and I'm sure you'll get the same results. 

June 3, 2013

Sewing // A new wallet, and a Wiksten tank

I needed a new wallet, and stumbled upon this post a while back. In an effort to be conscience of my spending habits, I thought it would be wise to give Dave Ramsey's way a try. Being the fabric hoarder I am, I whipped this one up today using quilting scraps and a canvas dropcloth (handy to have around, I found mine at the hardware store, for around $6 for a huge size.)

Also hot off the sewing machine is my very first Wiksten tank. I'm kind of in love. (Sorry for the not so awesome photo, it's wrinkled from wearing it all day)
I'm looking forward to sewing a couple more this summer. I practiced my narrow hem on, which is not so hot, but in the process of getting better. I have a special foot on my fancy machine that creates a narrow hem, even after reading the manual, I'm pretty sure I'm still doing it wrong.