June 11, 2013

Summer sewing

It's hard to stay focused on sewing when summer is here. {We live in Ohio, where it's really just late spring. But, don't ruin it for me, it's summer dang it!}I did manage to get some sewing in the other day, and here's what I have to show for it. 

This skirt. I love it, but it's a huge sewing fail. Good thing she runs so you can't see all the flaws. It was supposed to be this dress, but I totally messed up the last ruffle that was gathered and sewn in the wrong spot, and I had absolutely no desire to seam rip. Therefore we have a flowing prairie skirt, that is wonky and uneven at the top. Oh well, she doesn't mind one bit!

This dress was of my own design, but something along the same lines as the same tutorial from above, but no ruffles to mess up. 

Bicycle and dirt approved!

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