June 3, 2013

Sewing // A new wallet, and a Wiksten tank

I needed a new wallet, and stumbled upon this post a while back. In an effort to be conscience of my spending habits, I thought it would be wise to give Dave Ramsey's way a try. Being the fabric hoarder I am, I whipped this one up today using quilting scraps and a canvas dropcloth (handy to have around, I found mine at the hardware store, for around $6 for a huge size.)

Also hot off the sewing machine is my very first Wiksten tank. I'm kind of in love. (Sorry for the not so awesome photo, it's wrinkled from wearing it all day)
I'm looking forward to sewing a couple more this summer. I practiced my narrow hem on, which is not so hot, but in the process of getting better. I have a special foot on my fancy machine that creates a narrow hem, even after reading the manual, I'm pretty sure I'm still doing it wrong.

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