February 21, 2010

Another before and after

I was so excited about this, I almost couldn't sleep. This is the before and after of my newest buffet. It will of course be in the shop, so come by and take a look, or buy it.

February 16, 2010


Ohio is getting some major snow, and my little car doesn't really like it much. I have to drive through 3 rural counties to get to Galion, where my shop is. So, I haven't really been there for a couple days, which means no work is getting done there. So, in order to make sure that everything gets done on time, we'll be opening March 2, 2010 (which is a week later than planned).

February 13, 2010

Thank you Galionlive!

After an energetic interview of my mom talking a mile a minute about her passion, Galionlive's own Thomas Palmer, wrote an outstanding piece on our plans for my new brick and mortar, and my mom's "french inspired" restaurant. How lucky are we?!

You can see it here!

Thank you for the local support!

February 11, 2010

More Sneak Peek!

Hopefully (fingers crossed) we will be open by Feb. 23rd. That is the same date that My Mom's Restaurant will be open!

Here is some pictures of what you can expect.

February 3, 2010

Sneak Preview

The shop is really close to being open. So I thought that I would let you have a little taste of what it's going to be like.


Sonnie Sue

February 1, 2010


Even though Ohio is bitterly cold, and requires 17 wool layers to attempt to venture out, I still kinda have some love for this old state (we're still kinda working out the details of our friendship). So, in order to have some inventory for the brick and mortar, I'll be sewing some one-of-a-kind pillows. Be sure to check us on on facebook and become a fan.

Also be sure to check out My mom's new restaurant! It's everything you could ever love all in one place.

xoxox, Sonnie Sue