June 18, 2010

Getting my gears going...

So I find out in 21 days if it's a boy or girl. P.S. I'm pregnant. So I may be incorporating a little more baby ideas into the blog along with my shop stuff....

So here are some really cute baby rooms over at Ohdeedoh, which is really the best place on earth to get baby/kid/just plain fun stuff.

June 16, 2010

The little sprayer that saved the day

Or shall I say my back. I'm getting a little busier with selling painted furniture, and my brush and arm strength are not getting the job done fast enough. So, I've been looking at sprayers, making my husband go with me to all the hardware shops in the country, just to look at them. I don't always feel comfortable buying stuff like that online, I wanna touch it before I buy it sometimes. So, this weekend, we went to to Harbor Freight and picked and looked at all the sprayers in sight. And I found one, this one to be exact.

I had my dad help me test it out last night, and today I went full force. It's so much faster than doing it by hand, and the finish is very nice. The trick to using it is to make sure that your paint is rather thin, and adjusting the air properly. I read lots of reviews on sprayers, and I'm convinced that It's user error in most cases. Either that or I'm just smart and know what I'm doing. Either way, it's way better and less back breaking then the ole' brush and arm style.

So, soon the shop will be filled with newly painted furniture. I'll post pictures when they are done and ready for purchase. :)