September 11, 2012

Creating for {almost} free

I love creating new things, everyday. It feeds my spirit to make something new, and resonates with my being. It feels good to get the ideas out of my mind and into something tangible. My husband and my wallet are not always thrilled with this creativeness, so I have to be thrifty. Here is one of the {almost}free and fun things that I have created this summer. While on vacation in Tennessee we collected river rocks {free}. We had fun splashing in the river in the hot sweaty summer sun. We painted them {paint is almost free if you have some laying around, which I always do, or your local craft store will have it for a couple dollars}. I got some ideas from pinterest and as a family we painted river rocks. When I say the family, I mean my extended family from 3 different states. It was a very fun memorable time. 

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