September 27, 2012

Hello Fall!

 The days of hanging clothes on the line may be coming to an end very shortly. The weather here has turned. I've been known to hang clothes all the way to late fall though, so there is still time. I miss the hot sweaty days already.
{We use charlie's soap  for all our laundry, but specifically for cloth diapers. We also recycled the jugs. Here is my clothes pin holder on my clothesline.}

 In other crafting news, I'm trying to get familiar with sewing laminated cotton, which is not going so well. I kind of really dislike this stuff. It's sticky. I have a roller foot for my sewing machine, but I'm not a fan honestly. I checked this book out at the library, which is rather helpful. I'm not giving up yet, because I have two full rolls of the stuff! {I have a wholesale account for buying fabric, WHICH IS DANGEROUS!!} My toddler still needs a raincoat, maybe during this I will muster up the courage. Oh, I also really am not good at bias tape sewing, I don't have the patience it. I need to work on that too.

I'm planning and stocking fabric for the kid's clothes week challenge, hopefully I have enough time for all these ideas floating around in my head.

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