October 11, 2012

kcwc {day three} Toddler unders

Toddler panties

Soon we will be potty learning, which means we will need undies, so here are some undies. These didn't take more than 20 minutes from start to finish, so I didn't sew for a full hour yesterday, but I was out having fun running and jumping and playing with a toddler which was more fun. So, here is a mommy designed pair of unders, a pattern drafted by me, sewn by me, and soon to be peed in. They are the same fabric from day one. I'm blogging them a day late also, oops.

There are so many cute ideas for kcwc, also, be sure to check out Made by Rae for her challenge within a challenge! Her mini-washi dress is so stinkin' cute! {I have the washi dress pattern in my size, just have to sew it up, and now I might have to make one for the little also.}

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