May 13, 2013

Welcome to Grandma's farm

We have also been getting our hands in the soil at grandma's farm. A newly restored 10 acre farm in the heart of Ohio. A nap-length {for a toddler, not myself, I don't have auto-pilot} car ride from home. Grandma knows lots about gardening, and is teaching us all she knows, now that we have ears that listen {She has been a gardener my whole life, but I've only taken interest in the last few years}.

{A found nest, and a found egg}

We are using a Ruth Stout form of gardening {Watch this awesome video, this lady is a genius}, laying down cardboard, right over the grass. Then a layer of old stale manure from the big red barn floor, followed by soil that is being removed around their house for grading purposes. Plants and seeds were added to soil, and then grass was collected from the yard using a grass collector. Around the barns, beds were created by removing the top soil, then planted.

2013 137


garden 2

2013 140

2013 139

2013 138


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